Shipping & Receiving Merchandise

ACURIL 2020 Bahamas

Shipping and Receiving Merchandise

Envío de Mercancía

Expédition et réception de marchandises

Place / Lugar/ Site:

Nassau, Bahamas
7-11 June / Junio / Juin 2020


1.      All boxes should be marked “Renaissance Convention Center” c/o participating exhibitor.

2.      Invoices and Airway or Ocean Bill of Lading must be sent to prior to shipment arrival in Aruba. (as soon as they are available). Master Bill of Lading and/or Master Airway bill must be consigned to: Interport Logistics VBA, Tomatenstraat # 15, Aruba. Tel: +297-521-6610

3.      The name of the company and the name of the sender and receiver must be on all documentation.

4.      Customs will need for customs clearance an Invoice with total amount at the end and Bill of lading for each shipment.

5.      It is recommended to ship the latest at least 2 (two) week ahead by air and 3(three) weeks ahead by ocean out of Miami.

6.      We might be able to get a Duty Exemption if the documents clearly state that the goods are for the specific Convention or Trade-show, how many participants are participating and that the goods will return to its Origin, also if they are gifts and participants are leaving Aruba with their gifts. A special letter must be created and send together with Invoice, Airway bill or Bill of lading, please do take into consideration that Duty Exemption process takes longer then a duty paid shipment. If the request is denied by customs a deposit might be requested by customs and has a time-frame to leave the island (60 days), if they leave before or on time deposit will be reimbursed, if not the deposit will be withhold by customs. Take note that the deposit takes some time to be reimbursed back.

7.      Goods that are staying in Aruba and consumable items will have to pay Import Duties.

8.      For Airfreight service you can use any Airline as long as on the Airway Bill states that Interport Logistics is the notify and consignee.

9.      For Ocean Freight service we can recommend to use Interport Logistics LLC, 12950 NW 25thstreet, Miami, Florida 33182, 305-477-1910. Contact: Kamila de Pombo. E-mail:

10.   A letter directed to the inspector of Customs from each Exhibitor must be send to us prior to the arrival of the Shipment (Please see attached sample of the letter format) to be able to sign and have the original picked up by Interport Logistics VBA.

11.   For Courier service we recommend to use Federal Express. Please make sure to email FedEx with your invoice and the attached letter and also include them with your box. E-mail:

Air Freight Charges:

All-in Aruba Handling Charges: $125 per AWB         

Additional Customs Documentation (Bis lijst) $10p/p 

Pick-up and Delivery: $0.50 per kilo                                    

Foreign Fee: $70

Duty Exemption Documentation: $20.58 


Ocean Freight Charges (consolidated):

All-in Aruba Handling Charges: $165

Additional Customs Documentation (Bis lijst) $10 

Delivery-loose cargo: $1.80 per box or $60 per pallet

Unloading > 10 CBM: $13.50 per CBM

Unloading < 10 CBM: $19.00 per CBM

Foreign Fee: $70

Duty Exemption Documentation: $20.58

Third Party Charges:

Agency Fee: TBD (depending Airline and Agency charges       

Import duties: TBD

Local taxes: 3.5% on invoice                                                              

Third Party Charges:

Agency Fee: TBD (depending on broker)    

Import duties: TBD

Local taxes: 3.5% on invoice

1. Can packages be stored at the Hotel and When should packages arrive?
The Renaissance Convention Center does not have a large storage space, but it can receive packages, of those Exhibitors registered at the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino, to store them until the date of the conference – June 7, 2019 – between one and two weeks before the start of the event.
2. How to identify Packages.
Exhibitors interested in sending packages to store them until the date of the event, may do so. They must identify the packages with the name of the person sending and receiving them and the company they represent, with the identification of ACURIL 2019 ARUBA
3. Will the hotel charge a storage fee after packages arrive?
No charge for storage will be made for those Exhibitors registered for the conference at the hotel.
4. Will the hotel store cartons so that exhibitors can ship the materials back?
Space is limited, as indicated before. So it is advised that Exhibitors store the cartons in their room.
For additional information, kindly contact /
Para información adicional, sírvase contactar a /
Pour plus d’informations, veuillez contacter:


Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino

L.G. Smith Boulevard 82, Oranjestad, Aruba

T +297 523 6403 C +297 597 6403  F +297 582 8453